Boycott BC's corrupt environmental assessment

The BC Liberals are under investigation by Elections BC after The Globe and Mail revealed the party is accepting illegal donations from lobbyists, highlighting donations by Byng Giraud and Marian Ngo from Woodfibre LNG.

In fact, Woodfibre LNG and their staff have donated $166,934 to the BC Liberal party since 2013, while the project was undergoing its environmental assessment. This calls into question the integrity of BC's environmental assessment process, and raises real concerns that Woodfibre LNG has bought a rubber stamp approval for the project.

TAKE ACTION! Boycott BC's corrupt environmental assessment

Woodfibre LNG is currently going through yet another public comment period, this time to ask for an amendment to their environmental assessment certificate due to the design change from seawater cooling to air cooling.

We need your help to highlight how Big Money has corrupted the environmental assessment process. Send a message to the BC Environmental Assessment Agency and tell them that you are boycotting this process.

DEADLINE: midnight, Saturday 11th March 2017

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    Michael Shepherd
    Project Lead, BC Environmental Assessment Office

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