Demand #ClimateActionNow from BC party leaders

The provincial election on October 24th is an opportunity to ensure a livable planet for our children and our grandchildren.

If the party leaders don’t hear from you, we know they’ll continue to campaign for business as usual. But for far too long, business as usual has meant massive subsidies to corporate polluters, more fracking, and support for a climate-wrecking LNG export industry. This has got to stop.

As a start, ending fossil fuel subsidies will free up hundreds of millions of dollars annually to invest in our recovery from the COVID pandemic and support the transition to a zero carbon economy.

We need to show the three major parties that to win our votes, they must commit to #ClimateActionNow. Ask them to:

  1. End fossil fuel subsidies.
  2. Stop fossil fuel expansion.
  3. Invest in a just transition.
  4. Uphold Indigenous rights.
  5. Commit to net zero by 2050.

Will you take a minute to send a personal message to the leaders of the BC NDP, the BC Liberals, and the BC Green Party?

  • To:
    Sonia Furstenau
    Leader, BC Greens

    John Horgan
    Leader, BC NDP

    Andrew Wilkinson
    Leader, BC Liberals

  • Sincerely
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