Stop the Mulligan Madness

FortisBC is proposing to locate a compressor station on Mt Mulligan, roughly 1.8 km from Ravens Plateau, Crumpit Woods, and Valleycliffe. Compressor stations pressurize natural gas so it can move along the pipeline. This compressor station will be powered by three natural gas turbines, and will have a significant impact on the quality of life for people living in Squamish:




All possible threats from this compressor station need to be considered carefully. We need to make sure that this compressor station is moved away from our homes and our schools, out of our watershed, and that it is powered by electricity to reduce air pollution issues. Our community and our children deserve to be safe, and to have access to clean air and water.

Write a letter to FortisBC and ask them to do the right thing:

1) Move the compressor station away from our homes and our schools

2) Move the compressor station out of our watershed

3) Power the compressor station using electricity to avoid local air pollution and human health impacts

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    Arthur Kanzaki
    Project Director, FortisBC

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