Stop Woodfibre LNG's 5-year extension

URGENT! Please send a personalized letter to help us stop Woodfibre LNG from getting a five-year extension on its Environmental Assessment certificate.

Woodfibre LNG's current Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate expires on 26th October 2020. To keep the existing EA certificate they need to begin construction before it expires, and that's not gonna happen as the market for LNG has crashed and Woodfibre LNG hasn't even made a Final Investment Decision yet.

Woodfibre LNG is using COVID-19 as an excuse to get a five-year extension on its Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate. Other excuses include the bankruptcy of one of their construction companies, and delays due to the three amendments to their EA certificate (all of which they could have avoided if they'd listened to the general public in the first place).

This is an opportunity to #StopWoodfibreLNG for good.

We need your voices to help amplify our message. Please take a moment to send a letter to the Ministers and Associate Deputy Minister Scott Bailey, asking them not to approve a 5-year extension for Woodfibre LNG's EA certificate. This decision will happen any day now.

You can send a letter using the sample text provided, but please take a moment to personalize it - personal letters are much more powerful.

Local governments around Howe Sound have expressed their continued opposition to Woodfibre LNG, or called for conditions to be added to any extension to hold Woodfibre LNG accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a critical moment. Please send a letter now.

Key talking points:

This is an opportunity to right past wrongs and make a different decision today.

Do you live in Howe Sound? If so, tell them you are a resident and share your concerns about Woodfibre LNG.

Why Woodfibre LNG should NOT be granted an extension to their Environmental Assessment Certificate:

The purpose of the review process is to assess Woodfibre LNG's rationale for requesting an extension to their Environmental Assessment Certificate, and to identify new information that has come to light since the certificate was granted that could change the conclusions reached in the original environmental assessment. This could include: new scientific or technical information; government policy changes; legal/regulatory expectations; physical changes to the airshed, watershed, or equivalent; previously unknown or undetected effects; and new information regarding Indigenous interests.


For example:


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  • To:
    Scott Bailey
    Associate Deputy Minister

    Hon. George Heyman
    Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

    Hon. Bruce Ralston
    Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

  • Sincerely
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  • Cc:

    Jordan Sturdy
    MLA, West Vancouver-Sea to Sky

    Nicolas Simons
    MLA, Powell River-Sunshine Coast

    Bowinn Ma
    MLA, North Vancouver-Lonsdale

    Adam Olsen
    MLA, Saanich North and the Islands

    Sonia Furstenau
    MLA, Cowichan Valley

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