Thank West Vancouver Mayor & Council for demanding climate accountability!

TAKE ACTION! Thank West Vancouver Mayor and Council for demanding climate accountability

Climate change is real and it is happening now. The costs of recovering from climate-related extreme weather events, damage to infrastructure, and health impacts are estimated to cost Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

The District of West Vancouver is already preparing for the immediate impacts of climate change on your community, such as increased forest fires and sea level rise. Developing these plans and implementing these recommendations to help protect West Vancouver residents from climate harm also carries real financial costs.

BC taxpayers cannot afford to continue to pay 100% of the costs of preparing for and dealing with wildfires, flooding, drought, sea-level rise, and other impacts made worse by climate change. Fossil fuel companies are not paying their fair share – and that has to end.

In December 2018, West Vancouver Mayor and Council voted 5–2 to send climate accountability letters to the largest twenty fossil fuel companies (like Chevron and Exxon), to demand that they pay their fair share of climate change related costs facing BC communities. They also wrote a letter to Premier John Horgan, asking the BC government to enact a "Liability for Climate-related harms Act," to better enable local governments to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the costs of climate change.

Please take a moment to write to West Vancouver Mayor and Council and thank them for their leadership in demanding climate accountability, and for ensuring that taxpayers are not left to pay 100% of the costs of climate change.

You can send a letter using the sample text provided, but please take a moment to personalize it - personal letters are much more powerful.

Example talking points:

This campaign is being coordinated in partnership with West Coast Environmental Law. Sixteen communities across British Columbia have sent climate accountability letters so far and momentum is building.

Click here for more information about the climate accountability campaign.

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